(c) Derek K. Miller

Some poems
Are only written
For an experiment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

Oh the things I’ve seen
In that little town
As the sun went down
The sea holds its words
Sharper than swords
But I saw you there
The light left on
Your hair undone
He came calling around
The view from the beach
Was tragically fair
You were different then
When you lent me a kiss
My heart can’t let go
So I left it there
I just may well come
Back next year
As clouds light up
With sudden fanfare
As you steal another
Jewel for your crown
Even as the
Sun goes down

High Expectations

(c) Mike Pratt

Disappointment loomed
In an otherwise clear sky
A darkening cloud

Self Defense

(c) Marie Zucker

You twisted my words
So I twisted the knife
I placed in your back
It was self-defense,
Your Honor, I swear

Something Else

(c) tantrum_dan on Flickr

All the times
You rang my phone for lunch
or something else
I long now for a call
That will never come


(c) Vyacheslav Bondaruk

Forever was too
Long to wait
It seemed that way
Year after year
I left you to your
Own devices
You never even noticed

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

They looked like coins
Gold and silver
Seductive in their glint
Drawing me away
From life and love
Just one more
One more this time
So close now
I can almost touch them
Before the fall

Summer Love

(c) Wendy Nelson Photography

Days spirited by
On happy wings
Following one
After the other
You made them so

Every Moment

(c) pixdaus.com

Every moment
I spent with you
Became a jewel
In the crown
Of my life

A Lonely Storm

(c) blogto.com

A lonely storm
Cast off the winds
Of Lake Huron
Bears down
On the silvered city
Obscuring the sun
Sending the rain