Monthly Archives: December 2010


A new year should
Begin at an equinox
Or a solstice
Or an independence day
Or at the very least
At dawn
But it begins
In the dark
In the cold
And this year
In the rain
In the moment
Between the tenth month and the door


postaday2011: Daily Flash Poetry at VerseReVerse

WordPress is launching a campaign for writers to take on pledges to post once a day or once a week:

Because one of the purposes of this blog is to write daily poetry, then I am officially signing up for the Post a Day challenge, to post once a day for one year. This will take me one month past my original plan, which would have ended on November 30, 2011, but we can consider December 2010 a warm up!

I have few readers, but I am hoping that those in InternetLand who appreciate poetry may eventually discover Verse Reverse and perhaps will do so through this challenge.

Write on!

Top Ten

A pause
Bygone time
The sting of nostalgia
Relished only by those
Lacking hope
In the new year

…Until the End

Possibly the worst fog
Streets and interstates
To oily strips
Under feeble lights
Vying against the darkness
When suddenly he
You’re driving too fast for the construction

Only the beginning

After all of this
But before long
Cerulean fields
Dipping down

Emerging grounds
Fighting surely
Giant tomatoes confound

How many angels dance
In the trunk of a Buick?
Just one more than you
Know or think you know

Listen at night for the
Mourning doves alight
Never returning twice
Or else

Just one

Candles down
Bananas brown
The morning’s old
The summer’s cold
Hurry now before
The year is squandered
On songs and stories
Idols and pages
Get off and get on
Quick quick
Just one new moment
Just one


The lime curd smelled
Like cheese, he said
Picking up the lemon curd

Another crepe came down
Chocolate, banana, jam
Nutella too, nuts and spice
A pity there’s no ham