Monthly Archives: January 2011


Fione stands at the edge of a lake
Black as black with waves of light
The fish jump to see her
Sending ripples at her toes
Over the mountains
A jetfighter turns above a field
Scaring the crows off the trees
That loom over Fione at the edge of a lake
Black as black where the fish jump
She’ll wait on til morning
For a jetfighter that will never return


All Will Be Okay

The thieves came in the
Broad light of day
Wearing government badges
Saying all will be okay
Hands shaking us
Down for pennies
That turn into gold
Cut the lines
On the mirrored glass
Silence the voices
With a toast and a laugh

The Rainmaker

The rainmaker comes
In top hat and tails
A jaunty walk fitted with spats
Testing the ground
As the fog swirls off the lake
He comes on the 7:10 out of Chicago
Rambling about pennies and lamps
Fit to see the opera
Or to go to the zoo
But the ostriches unnerve him
Creatures out of time
Say hello to my old man
And don’t forget your umbrella

At the Bridge

She let it all go at the bridge
Just a few moments and she’d be home
The bus flew by in a blaze of light
While birds flew under the span
Below black waters soaked up the night
Sneaking off to the sea a few days from now
Yesterday’s papers followed behind
Swept away in all the excitement

Desire Lines

I walked the desire lines
Made visible by the snow
The yellow bricks obscured
Criss-crossing forbidden ground
Burned away by the climbing sun
When I found the once prescripted path
Less thrilling, I lost my nerve
A little longer maybe
Next time

Six Differences

Ghostly cars
Ghosts of cars
Slip through ivory
Night hisses
White then red
Under pallid lights
A watchful city
Looms over the plains
Contemplating the cars
Driving themselves onward
As a streetlamp winks out

Finding Houston

Tuning the band
On a cloudy summer night
With flashlight, soda
Best friends
In our makeshift tent
Erected in the backyard
From blankets and clothespins
Up and down the dial
Trying to catch
The farthest city we could
The clouds reflect the waves
She said
The exotic places
Came through so softly
Mingled with static
From distant lightning strikes
While we giggled in the dark
We had found Houston