Monthly Archives: March 2011


(c) Soil-net

Thunder rolled in overnight
Waking the whole town to rain
Spring sprung vengefully
Lashing out at Man’s domain
Driving ants into my kitchen.


Under the Door

The loneliness
Crept in
Under the door
Making a day
Like any other
A tired slog
Through life

On Toast

The eggs perched
On their toasted throne
Staring with jaundice eyes
Next to the tomato
As the fork came down


(c) capl (at) washjeff (d0t) edu

Not to set aflame
Or report untrue cases thereof
Amidst the drooling crowds
Viewing the moving pictures
We’re used to it by now

Darkest Night

(c) SilvainP

The darkest night
Came through the trees
Obscured the lights
Of clapboard homes

The man held his hat
While the woman hurried
An old dog sat
By the creaking gate

When the rain at last
Began in earnest
The fires were lit
And the flags pulled in

Let the storm rage
Through the dale beyond
The darkest night came
But it won’t last long

Cream and Jam

(c) FreeFotoCoffee in the morning
But you only want the cream
Scones are popping hot
But from you just “more jam”
For you – everything
Can I love you enough
Or do I spoil you
Just to keep the peace?


(c) ARM

Owlets perched
All in a row
Six eyes
One body
Who’s who?