Monthly Archives: April 2011


(c) AmUnivers

You said you were sorry
You probably meant it
But I can’t let you whitewash
The scar on my heart
With your lovely smile


A Better Course

(c) David Gil

The ship was never far from shore
Better to dash it against the rocks
The captain could not steer it clear
Death and darkness around it crept
Heedless to the beaconing light
Perhaps there was a better course
If only the captain cared to know
Faith is for death, knowledge for life


(c) Linda Frost

I cannot forget
The minute of his death.
Not even in sleep.

Haiku #1

(c) Laurenz Bobke

Unremitting sun
Shy clouds wait until twilight
To set skies ablaze


(c) Shifting Pixel

Is the aperture
Through which
The ego
Makes its way

At Least Pretend

Water the plants
Before you go
Just this once
At least pretend
You remember me

Unkept Promises

Entropy colors
The faces of the world
As we change places
Voices in the shadows
Thrown by huts and skyscrapers
Come down and look
At the silver city
That eats dreams alive
Only returning
Unkept promises

(c) Brent Danley