Monthly Archives: May 2011

Even Without

(c) ARM 2009

Dry clouds obscured the sun
Put the daylight our of reach
I was lying about the fun
We had had upon the beach
Even without your girlish laugh
Gulls and dolphins knew the ways
When the sky unleashed its wrath
Bringing an end to both our days


Midnight at Noon

(c) poppy

Midnight fixed her eyes on me
As the sun broke over
The building opposite
We lingered over the toast,
Morning coffee
We were still awaiting the package

Climbing the Walls

White walls without hold
Yet the creature persists up
Ants are amazing

The Hesitant Hour

(c) Beatrice A

Storms crashed through
On the hesitant hour
Of a blistering day
The sun remitted
Only to the god’s anvil
Stretching across the sky
Promising nothing
Taking everything

Scrambled Eggs

(c) theilr

I dropped the whole carton
Leaving a scramble
Of yolk on the tile
Meanwhile, the coffee’s done
And the toast – it has sprung

Haiku #3

(c) Waldo Jaquith

Amid the rubble
A tree blooms a single bud
An unseen promise

The Day After

I woke up. Why not?
The coffee dripped
In my smiling cup
Birds had a fight
On my windowsill
I missed those who died
Overnight in Sierra Leone
Also in Geneva and Kathmandu
But here, at least here
The air conditioner hummed
Content with its lot