Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pouring Out

(c) Branislav Kropilak

Pouring out
Fragmented lives
From the overhead bin
Of an aeroplane
As it reestablished
A small place in the world
I glanced up at
Fracturing stars
Fighting their way
Through the murky air
The ground was hot
The nation oppressive
All the people
Scorning my open eyes


Haiku #6

(c) arm

The man did not know
The count of stones on the beach
And god had a laugh


(c) Phillip Toledano

Torn away from your undying arms
Lost in an alien world
Full of creatures who
Slice themselves into pieces
Trying to separate themselves from
Their tired existences

The memory of you
Circumnavigates my heart
Never finding rest in the storm
Never finding a footing
Anywhere in this strange land

Go Forward

(c) Ben Bodien

Go forward into morning
With all your spirit blazing
Right up to the front
Meet the day as you would a lover
A smile and an eager heart


It’s not the speed
That ends so many dreams
But the painfully abrupt stop
At the end of it

Evening Out

(c) John Wardell

Bad times are evening out
She took the morning flight
It landed when it got there
So many laughs we shared
I’ve forgotten every one

Same Old Story

She told him the same story
So many times over the years.
“Stop me if you’ve heard
this one before.” He didn’t.
He liked the sound of her voice.