Monthly Archives: July 2011

Haiku #7

(c) Dave Leiker

Ennui crushes me
Hot gales neverending
After midsummer


From Space

To see the earth
From space
Makes me think
How small we are
No one to see us
Going around our sun
The little green men
Would like the trees
and the seven seas
The mountains too
and the ravines
I feel so all alone
This day and the next
Among a billion billion stars
So fast
and yet
So brief

For Amy

(c) Benoit Darcy

Voices quieted
With the last drink
I sang along
To the record
Going round
As the sun went down
I dragged out the demons
Who went into town
The stilts couldn’t
Keep me up
I just had to hear
Her voice gone
Now from the stage
The act you’ve known
For all these years
The curtain fell
Before the final act
The house lights
Were too bright to bear


(c) Michael B.

Storms flickered
On the horizon
Promising but never
Bringing respite
To the summer day

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Colorful)

(c) Matt Mullenweg

She picked the violets
When she was three
Out of the verdant fields
Behind the white house
I had seen the photograph
Her prom corsage
Popped from her shoulder
An explosion
Of yellow daisies
I remembered it so well
Just next to her smile
The red in her
Wedding bouquet
Had been her favorite
She collected them in
Later years
I still decorate to her grave
Yellow, violet and red

At the Water’s Edge

Heat crept in
Around the curtains
Drawn tightly
Across the sun
Small clouds
Braved open sky
Beaten back down
At too young an age
Children ate ice cream
Brought by a singing truck
While a man in a suit
Played in the fountain
His briefcase abandoned
At the water’s edge


(c) ReneƩ S.

The muffin broke
Into several pieces
Symptomatic of my life
Were the culprit
Adversely affecting
The structural integrity
Of the muffin
I ate it anyway
What could be done?
I hung up the phone
When you wouldn’t pick up