I began this project on December 1, 2010 on Facebook to see if I could write a poem every day for a month.  I so much enjoyed writing verse every morning that I want to see if I can do this for an entire year.  These poems are written in a flash and I do not spend a great deal of time ruminating on punctuation or turn of phrase.  They are meant to capture, in verse, a very brief moment in time.  That said, sometimes I do think on an idea for several days and occasionally I will put more polish to my pen.

The poems often express whatever sentiment or curiosity the world presents to me and I often take no more than fifteen minutes to compose the poem.  No single poem is meant to be a great work, but I hope that after a year of writing, I will have some small collection to take from it.

Thank you for reading these trifles. I simply desire to let them out into the world to play. Think of these poems as you would a comic strip.  I hope you will enjoy these poems along with your morning tea and a biscuit.


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