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Self Defense

(c) Marie Zucker

You twisted my words
So I twisted the knife
I placed in your back
It was self-defense,
Your Honor, I swear


Something Else

(c) tantrum_dan on Flickr

All the times
You rang my phone for lunch
or something else
I long now for a call
That will never come

Summer Love

(c) Wendy Nelson Photography

Days spirited by
On happy wings
Following one
After the other
You made them so

Every Moment


Every moment
I spent with you
Became a jewel
In the crown
Of my life


(c) Michael B.

Storms flickered
On the horizon
Promising but never
Bringing respite
To the summer day

Something to Hold

He reached too far
Stars bent away from him
Grasping in the darkness
For something to hold
He only made things worse


(c) DieselDemon

Even the summer day
Grows tired of you
As have I my dearest
Dream away until noon
That bird has flown