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High Expectations

(c) Mike Pratt

Disappointment loomed
In an otherwise clear sky
A darkening cloud


Haiku #7

(c) Dave Leiker

Ennui crushes me
Hot gales neverending
After midsummer

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Hot)

Photo courtesy of

The peppery day
Inflamed upon every nerve
Casting tears of sweat

Haiku #6

(c) arm

The man did not know
The count of stones on the beach
And god had a laugh

Haiku #5

Overshadowed moon
Red in the darkening sky
The last petal falls

Haiku #4

(c) Kelly Colgan Azar

The red-winged blackbird
Attacks everyone who tries
To enter the door

Climbing the Walls

White walls without hold
Yet the creature persists up
Ants are amazing