Summer Love

(c) Wendy Nelson Photography

Days spirited by
On happy wings
Following one
After the other
You made them so


Every Moment


Every moment
I spent with you
Became a jewel
In the crown
Of my life

A Lonely Storm


A lonely storm
Cast off the winds
Of Lake Huron
Bears down
On the silvered city
Obscuring the sun
Sending the rain

Blue Sunset

(c) Manganite

The nightfall hit me
With unexpected intensity
As the air – so clear
Allowed the sun to bow out
Without a hint of rouge
The cerulean sky
Burned the eyes
Of all who cared to look
For those who kept
Their eyes on their work
There would not be another

Summer’s Twilight

(c) I.M. Photo

Summer’s twilight came
On a northern gale
Bringing with it
A taste of autumn
Just enough
To make the leaves blush

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Photo courtesy of

She made the flowers
Out of paper
Made from trees
Formed out of time
Each one blooming
For the love
Of one
Who did not know
Any better


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