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(c) Vyacheslav Bondaruk

Forever was too
Long to wait
It seemed that way
Year after year
I left you to your
Own devices
You never even noticed


Haiku #2

(c) yamaken

Petals float on streams
Spinning through eddies many
Disappointed loves

Iced Coffee

(c) Gabriela Camerotti

The coffee became cold
While I waited for her
She was too troubled
Too bound for greatness
To remember our date

The Better One

(c) Jasmic

The poem from my dream
Was so much better
Than this one
Especially the last line
That one was perfect

Elephant in the Garden

(c) FreeFoto

The elephant in my garden
Keeps eating my summer planting
The hedge in no way keeps him out
He keeps pulling up the trees
The greatest injustice
Was when he broke the birdbath
I set a trap
He wouldn’t take the bait
I called a service
They don’t do elephants
Eventually, however
He started helping me with the laundry
Clearing brush off the roof
I let him stay
But I can’t grow any turnips

808s &

(c) Sathish Jothikumar

Take me over time
Without this pulling weight
Dragging me down
To fields of Elysian gold
Where a brook delights
With lemon paper leaves
The music thrills
In electric lines
Love me before the morning
Comes blazing by
Turning heartbreak into wine

Love through a Windowpane

My houseplant
Is in love
With a tree
In the yard
The window
So much pain
I’d take it out
To visit
But I don’t
Know which
Tree it is