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(c) Vyacheslav Bondaruk

Forever was too
Long to wait
It seemed that way
Year after year
I left you to your
Own devices
You never even noticed


From Space

To see the earth
From space
Makes me think
How small we are
No one to see us
Going around our sun
The little green men
Would like the trees
and the seven seas
The mountains too
and the ravines
I feel so all alone
This day and the next
Among a billion billion stars
So fast
and yet
So brief


(c) Phillip Toledano

Torn away from your undying arms
Lost in an alien world
Full of creatures who
Slice themselves into pieces
Trying to separate themselves from
Their tired existences

The memory of you
Circumnavigates my heart
Never finding rest in the storm
Never finding a footing
Anywhere in this strange land

Evening Out

(c) John Wardell

Bad times are evening out
She took the morning flight
It landed when it got there
So many laughs we shared
I’ve forgotten every one


(c) Espen Faugstad

I don’t begrudge you
Your fecundity
It’s just that your picture
(Now instead your smiling kid’s)
Makes the loss all the harder


(c) Ben McLeod

Between the walls
Was a marble, a dried pen and
A daguerreotype of a little girl
Her hat had flowers a bit too many
Her shoes were shined like cherries
But she was not happy
She scowled at the daguerreotype man
I call her Lucy,
Pretend she’s my grandmother’s grandmother
She may as well have been
For she means the world to me

Haiku #2

(c) yamaken

Petals float on streams
Spinning through eddies many
Disappointed loves