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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

Oh the things I’ve seen
In that little town
As the sun went down
The sea holds its words
Sharper than swords
But I saw you there
The light left on
Your hair undone
He came calling around
The view from the beach
Was tragically fair
You were different then
When you lent me a kiss
My heart can’t let go
So I left it there
I just may well come
Back next year
As clouds light up
With sudden fanfare
As you steal another
Jewel for your crown
Even as the
Sun goes down


Clean Out

(c) Patrick Goossens

My dream had us
Painting the walls white
While the sun shone in
Once the dust cleared away
The years of decay
They burned off
Like a moth at the flame
I felt better until I
Awoke to the dreary day


(c) Simon Scott

Would that I could
Unwrite my bitter past
Take back my turns
Of embarrassment
Remorse and regret
All the moments
That sting my heart
Aching set in
From the mind above
Should I weave them
Together what a tapestry!
Unrivaled, unraveled
As the setting sun


(c) Espen Faugstad

I don’t begrudge you
Your fecundity
It’s just that your picture
(Now instead your smiling kid’s)
Makes the loss all the harder

Time Out

(c) Rachel Pasch

Every once in a while
I remember a time
Before you left
The times we had
While forgetting how little
Time left we had
On hot summer nights
When the music marked the time
With confetti and fairy lights
Forgetting, for a time,
The battle of wills
The time you made me cry
It seems so sweet now
As time goes by

Yellow Dress

(c) Kerri Sheehan

Did you see me
Across the day?
I wore a yellow dress
With roses on it.
I wore it for you
Because it was
Your favorite.
Not that it matters now.
But when I wear it
I remember how you
Looked at me.
Me, feeling more
Beautiful than I should.


(c) Aldo Gonzalez

Our good times
Frittered away
Leaving us nothing
But the bitter pit
Seeped with poison
I had to let it go
Lest I choked