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A Day After a Night With No Sleep

I walked the streets
Littered civilization
Under my feet
I kept the time
By the passing buses
The wind in the rushes
Singing sing songs
From the balcony
She called my name
I remembered later
It wasn’t the same
I staked my miles
By the beats
You breathed
I took my cues
From the kites
In the trees
Forever did not seem
Long enough
The land was too bright
The faces too clean
I longed for night
The day was too mean
For insomniacs
On the boulevards
Time’s not enough
Without sleep
Without dreams



(c) DieselDemon

Even the summer day
Grows tired of you
As have I my dearest
Dream away until noon
That bird has flown


(c) Don Dener

Quiet down out there
Birds of morn
Your songs intrude unbidden
Into my lethargic dreams
Bestill the day
Only a moment more
Leave my rest undisturbed
Until I can stay goodbye