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Summer Love

(c) Wendy Nelson Photography

Days spirited by
On happy wings
Following one
After the other
You made them so


Summer’s Twilight

(c) I.M. Photo

Summer’s twilight came
On a northern gale
Bringing with it
A taste of autumn
Just enough
To make the leaves blush

Haiku #7

(c) Dave Leiker

Ennui crushes me
Hot gales neverending
After midsummer


(c) Michael B.

Storms flickered
On the horizon
Promising but never
Bringing respite
To the summer day

At the Water’s Edge

Heat crept in
Around the curtains
Drawn tightly
Across the sun
Small clouds
Braved open sky
Beaten back down
At too young an age
Children ate ice cream
Brought by a singing truck
While a man in a suit
Played in the fountain
His briefcase abandoned
At the water’s edge

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Hot)

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

The peppery day
Inflamed upon every nerve
Casting tears of sweat

Out of Focus

(c) Daniel Markham

The season entered
Out of focus
On account
Of the summer haze
Choking the world
In its blazing fist
I tried to get out
From under
Proved too tenacious
To let it go
Especially the wild nights
On the back roads
Under the stars
The radio
Playing our song