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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Photo courtesy of http://ma.tt

Oh the things I’ve seen
In that little town
As the sun went down
The sea holds its words
Sharper than swords
But I saw you there
The light left on
Your hair undone
He came calling around
The view from the beach
Was tragically fair
You were different then
When you lent me a kiss
My heart can’t let go
So I left it there
I just may well come
Back next year
As clouds light up
With sudden fanfare
As you steal another
Jewel for your crown
Even as the
Sun goes down


Blue Sunset

(c) Manganite

The nightfall hit me
With unexpected intensity
As the air – so clear
Allowed the sun to bow out
Without a hint of rouge
The cerulean sky
Burned the eyes
Of all who cared to look
For those who kept
Their eyes on their work
There would not be another

Haiku #1

(c) Laurenz Bobke

Unremitting sun
Shy clouds wait until twilight
To set skies ablaze